Manifesting with Candles

Using candles for manifesting has been practiced at least once a year in our lives, however you may not have noticed you were using candles for manifesting. How you ask? Every year we light the candles on our birthday cake, close our eyes, make a wish and blow out the flame. Lighting candles is one of the oldest and most traditional ways to let the universe know specifically what you want. It is important to know that candle work is not about manipulation or forcing someone to do something against their will. Intention candles are used to manifest wishes and desires by illuminating your intentions and sending your energy/message into the universe. Prayer Candles can be used as an offering indicating we are seeking favor from God or to the patron saint.

Candles are used for ceremonies, rituals and celebrations around the world in just about every culture. When used to meditate or manifest, it releases a message and sends your energy out into the universe. In the 12th century, Christians began lighting candles on church altars to inspire prayers with the Divine light of God. Whereas, Buddhists place candles in front of Buddhist shrines as a symbol of respect. In Wicca, a religion with Pagan roots, candle work is essential to manifesting and spell casting.

Before starting your intention setting, find a place clear of distractions and noise so you can really focus on what you need. Once you have formulated your intention, find a candle that represents your intention. If you are praying to a particular saint, you would utilize a candle that represents the patron saint. If you are using your candle for manifesting, you would choose a candle by the color assigned to that emotion. Usually red candles are used for passion and love. Pink candles can be used for attraction and love. Green candles are normally used for luck and prosperity. While yellow candles are for communication and friendships. Whereas blue candles can be used for peace and tranquility. Once you’ve decided on your intention and chose your candle, you can begin gathering a few basic items such as a sheet of paper (parchment paper, if possible), a pen and your lighter.

As with all work, make sure you cleanse your candle before using it. You can cleanse your candle by using Florida Water or by smudging using Sage or Palo Santo.  For intentions where you want to build, grow, and magnetize, you would burn your candle anytime between the new moon and the full moon (waxing moon). For intentions that you want to let go of or clear away negativity and obstacles, burn anytime between the full moon to the dark moon (waning moon). On a symbolic level, lighting a candle represents the four elements: earth (the wick), water (the wax, which transforms from a solid to a liquid to a gas), air (the oxygen keeps the flame lit) and fire (the flame).

Once you cleansed your candle, take a couple of breaths, to clear your mind. When you feel at peace, start visualizing your goals and what you’d like to manifest. Focus on how the sensation of what having it feels like.  Once you’ve captured that feeling and have visualized your wish, take out your pen and paper and write down your intention. After writing your intention, say it out loud—as many times as you like and fold the paper into four equal parts. Now you can place the folded intention under the candle. You can also amplify the candle work with other elements such as dried flowers and herbs, crystals, and essential oils. Now that you have sent the energy of your intention into your candle, light your candle and stare at the flame to continue to send your intention into the light. Let your candle burn as long as you want and when it is time to put the candle out, simply place a lid on top or use a candle snuffer. Never blow out your candle!! When you blow it out, you’re saying it’s done, it’s over, but if you snuff it out, then you can relight it when you get home. For safety reasons, candles should never be left unattended. When you light the candle, you’re symbolizing igniting your intention, take time to appreciate your life and reaffirm your intentions. Light your candle every day until it is completely finished burning.

Please remember that making intention candles is not an easy fix or a permanent solution for any of life’s challenges. Candle work simply acts as a messenger to deliver your goals and invite what you want in your life. Make sure you’re ready to work toward your goals and be open to receiving what the universe sends back to you. Are you ready to manifest love, peace, prosperity or health into your life? Well let’s begin. May your words of intention become script in smoke so that your guardians, ancestors, and spirits can read it to make it manifest in your world! Check out our candle divination page to learn how to read your candle’s flame.